On IMVU, millions of people connect, meet old friends, make new ones, and share their stories. We are committed to creating a platform where all feel respected, safe, and welcome. 


Parental Advisory

We take the safety of teens on IMVU seriously. We put in place policies to protect their personal, confidential information, secure their privacy, and enforce standards designed for age-appropriate behavior. Our goal is to create an environment that’s fun to explore where teens can hang out with friends, engage in creative self-expression, and make stuff, all while balancing the need for safety, security, and privacy. We believe parents play a crucial role in keeping their kids safe and secure online. You can learn more about our safety policies here, and what you can do as a parent to make sure your teenager enjoys IMVU responsibly.

Community Guidelines

Be nice or leave. We don’t micromanage our users' behavior, but we continuously review, moderate, and develop standards for community behavior. You can learn more about our Community Guidelines here.



Flagging tools throughout IMVU allow our members to call our attention to inappropriate behavior so our Safety Team can review it, and if necessary, take action. You’ll be glad to know there are real people, not algorithms, who review each report. Thank you for helping to alert us to possible Terms of Service violations. We have a database of articles that can tell you more about our flagging policies here.


Word Filters

At IMVU we strive to keep conversations civil and respectful, especially when it comes to teenagers. Built-in word filters automatically block flagged words from appearing in teens’ feeds. In our general accounts for adults, we balance free expression with community standards and apply word filtering to keep inappropriate words from various parts of our service.

Access Pass

An Access Pass must be obtained for users to enter areas of IMVU that are intended for mature audiences. Access Pass is where adults can be sure they are talking to other adults. The content posted in Access Pass is suitable only for members over 18, so we require age verification using third-party technology to view it. We use a permission system to ensure IMVU users who do not want to view Access Pass material can enjoy IMVU content intended for our general audience. Learn more about Access Pass policies here.


Virtual Goods

Community Review
The most effective way to set community standards is to rely on community members. Through a process called Peer-Review, IMVU users help us review the content submitted to our catalog. Our member-driven Peer Review process flags inappropriate products, and removes items before they are posted in our catalog. 

Virtual Goods Rating Policy
 Our ratings policy provides guidelines for all the products available in the IMVU catalog. We require content creators to follow these guidelines when they submit their virtual products to our catalog. That way we can ensure our members have access to material suitable for their age group and their interest. Guidelines for virtual products are posted here.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
The DMCA was designed to protect copyright owners of digital products and intellectual property from copyright and trademark infringement. Intellectual property rights owners (or the owner’s authorized agent) may use IMVU’s reporting system to report potentially infringing materials. You can learn more about how IMVU handles copyright and trademark infringement here.


A Team of Trusted Safety Experts

We are dedicated to your safety on IMVU. Each year our team of experts manually reviews over three million abuse reports, usually within 24 hours.

Law Enforcement and Child Protection Agencies
See something; say something. Whenever we think a teen’s welfare might be endangered we reach out to law enforcement and child protective agencies immediately. We are lauded for our speed of response and partnership with law enforcement and child protective agencies around the world. 

Terms of Service

To help ensure a safe and enjoyable environment we ask all members on IMVU to accept our terms of service, and comply with our guidelines for acceptable behavior.