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Once you sign up for the $9/mo Creator Program you've instantly expanded your experience. With millions of highly engaged users, the opportunity to market your creativity is not only rewarding, but also lucrative. Use the creative tools you're already using to leverage multiple channels to promote your products and be discovered.

IMVU really motivates me to create my art and share it with people... IMVU is like a fashion magazine I can enjoy endlessly.
— Pastel, IMVU Creator


An Ecosystem Built for Creators


IMVU’s participatory ecosystem enables anyone to become a Creator, beginning with “meshers,” the creators who design the 3D meshes that others build on. Done right, with a mesh that’s easy for others to texture, a single item can generate Credits indefinitely. The best selling products on IMVU can sell thousands of time.

 I Don’t Follow.
I Create.


Types of Creators



The tastemakers of the Creator Program are the visionaries who collect and resell outfit and room bundles.



Texture Artist

The tastemakers of the Creator Program are the visionaries who collect and resell outfit and room bundles.



Meshers use standard 3D design tools such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, and free tools like Blender to create products and clothing or anything you can dream up.

You Are The Creator.
Be Your Own Boss. 


Creator Community


“I create for fun and for myself, and I'm overjoyed that my work can be enjoyed across IMVU. I've been a creator for over 11 years, which has actually sparked my professional career, too, as a web developer and designer!”


“...I earn enough doing what I love to make a living out of it. I have made lasting friendships and found a sense of community that gives me a sense of fulfillment in life.”


“I’m from the UK and I’ve been enjoying my time on IMVU for quite some time now. I started creating as a way to make stuff for myself and my friends, though it developed into so much more. It’s currently my job, but also something I do to relax, unwind and express my creativity which I love!”


“The community was amazing, extremely helpful, and that was the start of my journey as an IMVU artist. Thanks to IMVU, I have the opportunity to connect the virtual world to the real world and pursue a career in this environment.”


“I love creating on IMVU because I’ve always been addicted to fashion, and I absolutely love drawing and designing clothes that inspire me or come up in my mind, it’s a great way to turn your ideas into reality!”


You could be the next face of IMVU Creator program!



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